The first draft of this script is completed. We have been in talks with Robert Patrick who has expressed interest in playing John Wesley Hardin. We have also been in talks with several musicians who are interested in contributing to the soundtrack. This project is in development.

Wish In One Hand Synopsis:

John Wesley Hardin was the old west’s most prolific gunfighter.  Beginning in 1868 when he was barely fifteen and ending in 1877 when he was sent to prison for killing a Sheriff’s deputy, Hardin killed more men than any other gunslinger in that turbulent time.  Sentenced to twenty-five years hard labor, Hardin transformed in prison.  He studied law and passed the bar.  He lobbied for and received a full pardon from the governor of Texas.  Released in 1894 after serving more than seventeen years, he set about to reinvent himself.  He had less than two years to live.

Released from prison on a cold winter’s day, Hardin uses the wagon ride home to remember the misstep that led him to a violent path, his first killing at the age of fifteen.  It is the first of several flashbacks in the film.

He joins his children in Gonzales, sets up a law practice and becomes involved in local politics.  His past has followed him from the prison gates and makes his search for respectability more difficult.  A failure in his first attempts at change, he heads west away from his family and he hopes, his ghosts.  He visits the grave of his wife to bid her farewell.  Now the memories begin.

In flashback, Hardin’s youth is revealed.  A violent young man, Hardin drifted along the roads and saloons of Texas, gambling and cow punching, his reputation following him.  By his early twenties he had killed several men. Still his fortunes swelled and he set himself up as a rancher of sorts.  He was destined for an early grave when he met Jane.  With their marriage he seemed to have found what he needed all along.

The Lawyer Hardin finds himself in El Paso, a wild town in 1895.  He spends as much time in the saloons as he does in the courts, telling tall tales for drinks.  He hasn’t much to show for his efforts.  A wasted life seems to be closing in on him when the wife of a fugitive hiding in Mexico hires him as her attorney.  He sees the fugitive’s treasure as a fresh chance.  Unfortunately so do the local corrupt lawmen.

Hardin become more and more tangled in the plotting of the local lawmen.  He sinks further into a world that he surprisingly no longer has the stomach for.  As the flashbacks of the events that led to his capture eighteen years ago swirl through his memories, his life falls apart further. With one hand left to play and nothing left to lose, he tries to achieve salvation.

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