Tell Me Why You are Going to Hell Synopsis:

We are in talks with  Eric Todd Dellums and Patti D' Arbanville to co-star in this drama. It takes place in one bar, over the course of one night with six actors. We are planning on shooting the entire film in Baltimore this winter. Casting, scouting and financing are well under way.

John and Mike file into a dingy, working class, neighborhood bar.  It is Nestor’s place, run by a cagey border refugee, it's not their first choice, but it’ll do.

John’s marriage, with Mike's sister, is in trouble. Mike, a cop who just got shot, has troubles of his own. He is on desk leave until the investigation is over.  Nestor’s having difficulties as well. Among other things he is breaking in his new barback, Enrique who doesn't speak any English.  Alice, (Patti D'Arbanville) walks in cold and lonely like she does every other night spilling her story like the contents of her handbag. As if anyone ever listened...

              Adam (Eric Todd Dellums) is the last to enter the bar.  Forties and African American, he is tall, quiet and unassuming.  He orders a beer and fills the jukebox up with musicand starts circling the bar, taking in the atmosphere (or lack of.)

              John and Mike settle in for a game of pool.  Adam crowds Mike as he tries to shoot which leads to words.  As Mike confronts Adam, Adam pulls a gun and announces to all in the bar that he is going to commit suicide.

              Adam gathers all the cell phones and takes his seat in the center of the bar, listening to music.  While the rest of the people sit stunned, John decides that he must stop Adam from taking his own life. 

              He ask why Adam wants to die.  Adam confesses that he is a social worker and that he has just let a child molester return to his home because he lacked the proper court documents.  He is racked by guilt and says he should have killed the man but his courage failed him.  Now, he feels he must atone.  John begins to argue, but Adam rejects all of John’s arguments.  Alice joins in, but Adam rejects her as well. 

The tension builds as John discovers that Mike has a weapon with him.  It is a dirty weapon and he can’t take the chance of getting caught with it.

Weakened after John argues another angle, Adam confesses that he has lied about why he is going to kill himself.  He really did kill the child molester, who was a policeman.  Adam continues that he just wanted to hear arguments about the sanctity of life so that he would be more certain about taking his.  Oddly this elicits arguments from more people.  Nestor and Mike join Alice and John who have changed their arguments but never the less press on.

Adam tires of listening to these arguments.  He proposes a contest.  Everyone in the bar must tell him why they are going to hell, what sin they have committed that haunts them every day.  If he is satisfied that one of them displays true remorse, he will give them the gun.

All tell their stories and each are equally sad until they get to John.  He is reluctant at first to confess but Adam eggs him on until finally he confesses to having cheated on his wife.  Adam can sense the remorse in his soul but tells him he has one more confession before giving him the gun.     

Adam did not kill a child molester; he killed a policeman who had come to arrest him.  He is the child molester.  He has repeatedly assaulted his teenage daughter, so much so that she had attempted suicide.  She had implicated him from her hospital bed and when the policeman came to arrest him, he killed him.  He hands the gun over to John and asks where all his arguments stack up.  What’s one more sin if he’s already going to hell?

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